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    Artist statement: “Darshan is an ongoing series consisting of photographically recreated, classical images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses that are pivotal to mythological stories in Hinduism. Most commonly used in the context of Hindu worship, darshan is a sanskrit word that means ‘apparition’ or a ‘glimpse.’ Lead by the experiential nature of a darshan, this series explores the delicate relationship between photography and representation. Having left a ritual-driven community in India, my move to the U.S. precipitated an enormous cultural shift. It was this cultural paralysis that motivated me to use my one medium of worship–the camera–to study, construct and deconstruct the mythologies of my land.”

    Please read more about the series and the individual deities on Manjari’s website. And keep up with both Manjari and MP on Instagram here and here.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting with Gillian Laub last night. She was warm and revisiting her work today, I realize how many of these images I’ve known and loved forever. Here’s a repost of one of them. 


    Gillian Laub