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    On May 28th ArtBridge will host our fourth annual Spring Art Auction at Jack Studios in the Chelsea Gallery District. Join us to honor artist Wangechi Mutu, enjoy a DJ set by JD Samson, and bid on over 60 works of art to support our commitment to transforming public space.

    We will also unveil the results of our first year of stunning installations in L’Aquila, Italy—a city rebuilding from a devastating earthquake. Learn more, and mingle with many of the Italian artists who, via ArtBridge, are spurring L’Aquila’s rebirth.

    Purchase tickets via Eventbrite.

    WHAT:     ArtBridge’s Annual Spring Art Auction
    WHEN:    Thursday, May 28 from 6-9pm
    WHERE:  Jack Studios – 601 W. 26th Street

    Unable to attend? Please consider making a donation to ArtBridge’s Radial Art Fund.

  • © Irina Rozovsky © Sarah Palmer © Ryan Schude © Richard Renaldi © Matilda Soligno © Leah Devun © Birthe Piontek © Dillon DeWaters © Joanne Leah © Manjari Sharma

    I got invited to be on the host committee for #ArtBridge’s Spring Art Auction event. It has been utterly thrilling to invite colleagues to be a part of this show. This Art Auction debuts in Chelsea on May 28th, Thursday. The event will be chock full of incredible art at fantastic prices. The money raised will go to empower the emerging artist by bringing art to underserved parts of New York City. 

    This event is a total Art Collector Alert! Buy the tickets here and it gets you into an evening of food and drink and the company of some ultra fine artists. But more than that you get the chance to bid on highly collectible art for low price and the money raised goes to a splendid cause. I will be there and would love to see you! 

    WHAT:     ArtBridge’s Annual Spring Art Auction
    WHEN:    Thursday, May 28 from 6-9pm
    WHERE:  Jack Studios – 601 W. 26th Street

    Here is a list of a few names (including yours truly) that will have art as a part of this event. Like what you see above? Start bidding on some of this incredible work here !!

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    #Arlene Gottfried
    #Phil Toledano
    #Lydia Panas
    #Priya Kambli
    #Birthe Piontek
    #Richard Tuschman
    #Manjari Sharma
    #Irina Rozovsky
    #Greg Miller
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  • The elevator repair man is finishing up his deed. This is @manjee posting for @collectdotgive from #india #collectdotgive #mumbai

  • Hey all I’m a guest instagrammer for @collectdotgive for the next week. Follow this feed to see images from visit to Mumbai, India. #collectdotgive is a passion project started by @kevinmiyazaki who has raised thousands of dollars and caused brilliant change!

  • I have been slowly working on this series of images that is starting to come together, (I think). I’m a long way from a final edit, but here is an image from it. 

    From the series “Mixed Origins” 

  • Episode 2.8 - Gabriela Herman & Manjari Sharma


    Episode 2.8 - Gabriela Herman & Manjari Sharma

    With this episode, we decided to add an introduction before the conversation with the guests. It’s something we’re going to experiment with in future episodes to see if it works. I think it will. This gives us a chance to catch up and chat about some things we’re reading or watching.

    Of course, the main event is the conversation with the guests, and this week we’ve got two who are not only incredibly talented photographers, but also very good friends, which made for a great conversation. Gab was one of the first photographers who reached out to me when I first started blogging. She was the one who also introduced me to Manj. I had them both on in the first season (which BTW I’ve been uniformly told is almost unlistenable because of poor audio quality. Sorry!), and was excited to have them come on the show together to chat about photography and books.

    Manj was generous enough to invite us to her home in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn to record the episode. We had great pizza, looked at some fantastic books and hopefully had a conversation you’ll enjoy.

    Spreads from Rodeo Queens

    Photographs by Manjari Sharma 

    Photographs from The Adventures of Guille and Belinda by Alessandra Sanguinetti



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