• You know you are a photographer when your fear of not making a picture is greater than your fear of making a picture.

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    Thanks @instagram for adding my image to your weekly highlights. The image of the flying sari above is by yours truly. It’s a new project I’m working on and you can see more images from this series by following me on Instagram - my handle is @manjee and the project’s hash is as follows : #howtowearasari #lookmaimoninstagram !

  • On the corner of my street is Peewee’s Playhouse, where people have been generationally coming for haircuts and shaves. Apart from being the cornerstone of my block, it has become a place of undeniable interest for me. Conversations unfold, I meet real people … people of Bed-Stuy, people who are Bed-Stuy, who have been here long before this gentrified boom. I know one thing I’ll keep going back, until Peewee can’t stand it anymore. 

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  • Soiti

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  • Soiti who I recently had a major art crush on. 

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  • A rickshaw driver takes a break in the middle of the day in Mumbai, India 

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  • New Image

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