• Soiti

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  • Soiti who I recently had a major art crush on. 

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  • A rickshaw driver takes a break in the middle of the day in Mumbai, India 

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  • New Image

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  • New Image

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  • New Image.  

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  • Air is everywhere

    I have lost three friends in the last few months ….all gone too soon..  35, 40 and 48. Dealing with ill parents and the loss of loved ones is a part of growing up; a chapter in everyone’s book as they say. It’s weird though that when you plunge in to the perfect water or feel a baby’s pillow soft skin, the joy you unlock from that moment is so complete in itself. We are so bound by each other, so dependent, so fragile. Our little bodies just break apart, melt and vaporize. Solid turns to liquid turns to air. Maybe that’s why we feel a relief like no other when a breeze wraps around us unexpectedly. May be what a breeze really is, is our gone-too-soon friends coming back to give us a hug, just one more time.

  • Janiella

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  • I have waited this whole summer (maybe my whole life) to have my studio practice in a space of my own, a place with a large white wall, lots of glass, a place where work in progress can live, where I can read, muse, stare, edit. It gives me so much joy to share this photo of my backyard studio shed with you all. I am beyond happy to call this construction complete and move in ready!

  • You and me

    The moment is a translucent fish,

    A firefly sailing in the fog of a smoky moat

    She glows and then she doesn’t but there she glows again

    Sparking back at me telling me she sees me too.

    Proof positive you say. Locked in.

    An ember holds my hand. 

    The vows deeper set. 

    Lurk for a moment please. Hear the fog’s whisper.

    Watch it’s waves grow in ambition and sway.

    See its crystals, smell it’s earth. But she lights you up again

    And you leave your fog in the dust.

    The dust settles, the fog clears.

    And the firefly dances for another.  

    - Manjari Sharma